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"Hello, My NAME IS

Some of my favorite things are ice cream, funk music, and being outside with my family during the fall. I love to laugh and I love to compromise. Life is about balance and it is my sincere belief that the only way for conflicting sides to find a solution to an issue is with dialogue.


As a Green Party candidate I am free to criticize, as well as compliment, my Democratic and Republican opponents.

I grew up watching my mom give her time and energy to those less fortunate than us. I can remember her taking me shopping late on Christmas Eve one year so that she could buy gifts for a family that she heard had no presents for their children. Meanwhile my dad, a Vietnam Veteran, seemed as committed to always doing the right thing, out in the world, as he was committed to taking care of us at home.

I always tell my kids to try their hardest and never give up.

I'll keep that in mind during this election as a candidate.

And I would certainly keep that in mind as Mayor.

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