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Equality for the city.
Equity for the people.


Leon Long is a proud dad and currently a Co-Chair for the New London Arts Council. In addition to his role as Promotions Director for a prominent local radio station, Leon works with many New London non profits, bartends downtown, and also does freelance graphic design.

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Leon is running for mayor because he believes it's time to bet on New London

In recent years, there has been an effort to grow our city by bringing in entities from outside, such as expensive apartment buildings and a Coast Guard Museum. While these entities can provide some benefit and growth, that growth should not come at the expense of folks that have been in New London for years, or perhaps their entire life. 


New London is a beautiful city with loads to offer. Leon wants a local government that doesn't spend all of its time dreaming of the potential and promise of New London, when it should be getting creative with ways to unleash the power New London already has. 


Leon seeks to preserve our city's legacy as a genuine hub for arts and culture. The creative individuals who devote their lives to keeping that legacy alive deserve a city government that truly respects them. From the muralists, and musicians, to the servers and cooks who write daily specials on restaurant chalkboards, New London is pushed forward every day by creative, out of the box thinkers. Leon understands that conversations about economics in New London almost always turn into conversations about art. Local businesses and nonprofits benefit from the visitors that come into our city to see art shows, concerts, performances, and plays. 


In addition to our art scene, restaurants are a huge economic driver for New London. Leon will work with relevant government agencies and departments to develop programs that will help businesses feel comfortable expanding their hours into lunchtime during the week. 


For far too long have we just accepted that our city is slow during the day. Every week, thousands of travelers come into our city off the buses, trains, and ferries. Every one of those travelers is a potential customer for our local businesses. Leon believes that there is real economic progress that can be made by strengthening the synergy between our downtown and the train station. 


Many residents agree the biggest hurdle facing New London is our empty storefronts.  


Issues with parking and low foot traffic during the day are not unique to New London. All cities with an Historic District have experienced decreases in visitors, particularly shoppers, with the introduction of shopping malls and big-box stores in the past, and, more recently, with online shopping. Leon will ensure our city government is one that shows local businesses the respect they deserve. As Mayor, Leon would welcome fresh ideas and would not be afraid to get creative with his approach to solving one of our most serious issues - filling our empty storefronts. 

"We need more than pictures and 'for sale' signs in the windows of our empty storefronts.
What we need in those spaces are people.
What those empty storefronts need are interactions and transactions." 

-Leon Long, Candidate for Mayor, City of New London


make a difference

There are several ways you can help bring positive change to New London

lend a hand

Campaigns are tough work!

Volunteers are the real heroes of any political campaign. Would you be willing to help out

at an event or even knock on doors for Leon?

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chip in

Feel free to show support in any amount.

Leon commits to every individual who donates that he will work just as hard, for you,

as you did for your hard-earned contribution.

spread the word

Do you ever find yourself discussing

the need for change in our city?

Share and like campaign posts on social media to ensure your friends see them too!

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"Thinking Green"

A public access show hosted by New London resident Ronna Stuller. As part of an effort to be as accessible as possible, New London Green Party candidates Leon Long, Seanice Austin, and Keith Kimball, have appeared on the show several times. The candidates discuss their experiences in the community and share a little of their vision for New London.

OCT 24   Seanice Austin & Aaron Ide for New London
oct 17     Leon Long 4 New London
sep 20     Keith Kimball for Board of Education
sep 05     Seanice Austin for City Council
aug 15    Leon Long for Mayor
jul 11     Seanice & Leon - Election 2023

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